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Impromptu 4th of July Parade

by Clark Oltman

For the first time in recent memory, we gathered boats on Lake Minnetonka for a 4th of July parade. It was a last-minute idea so the only invitation that we had time to send out was by email. If you didn’t get the notice in time or are not on our email list, we hope you understand. (If you have an email you can give us, it will aid greatly in getting last-minute details to more members.)

We met in Spring Park bay on Lake Minnetonka at noon
on the fourth. When it looked like everyone was there, we started off. I counted 10 boats, I think that were along for all of or part of the cruise. Please forgive me if I missed you; even 11 boats string out for a good distance. Also, due to the nature of the event, we did not get together so I can only list the captains, there was no way to get a list of names of the guests. The people I identified were:

  • Dave Doner in his Lyman Islander, “Sidewinder”.
  • Butch and Sherry Essig in Surfside II, a 1967 33’ Owens.
    Notice the Minnehaha in the background Nice of them to give us such a classy escort!
  • Ray and Margot Garin, our glorious leaders and organizers in their ever-present 30’ Owens, “Luv Is.” Your efforts are much appreciated.
  • Carl Weisser and Sonja II, of course. And yes, our chief,
  • Tom and Bonnie Menken, the first time out this year for their 30’ Chris Cavalier, “Algiers II.”
  • Shawn Palmersheim in his 1946 Chris Craft Sportsman
    U-22 - the boat he brought to the Minneapolis Boat Show this year - still looking great.
  • Fred Goughnor joined in in his 20’ Correct Craft “Debbie Too” with a couple of stops to let the kids jump in and cool down.
  • Andreas J. Rhude, in a Thompson, of all boats. Ha.
  • Greg Benson, who actually kept the pace up -- he didnt pass everyone in sight. Engine not running right Greg??
  • The infamous Dr. Bob Johnson in his 22’ Chris Craft Sportsman, “Cowboy.”

    Although the lake got a bit busy later, the event worked out well. I would hope we will do it again next year and get the information out earlier so more can be involved.

Dave Doner in Sidewinder

his 1954 Lyman 18’ Islander

Dr. Bob in 1948 Chris Craft 22’ Sportsman, Cowboy

Andreas Rhude in his1959 Thompson 17’ Sea Lancer, Valhalla

Carl Weisser and Sonja II 1955 Chris Craft 28’ Sedan

Butch & Sherry Essig’s 1967 Owens 33’,

Surfside II with the Minnehaha in the background.

Fred Goughnor in Debbie Too 1957 Correct Craft 20’ Debonnaire

Ray & Margo Garin’s 1963 Owens 30’ Flagship Cruiser, Luv Is Tom & Bonnie Menken in Algiers II 1967 Chris Craft 30’ Cavalier

Tom & Bonnie Menken in Algiers II 1967 Chris Craft 30’ Cavalier


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